Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 4 Kyoto to Himeji and Kobe and back again

Today was another early start. we managed to catch the same train, this time getting off at Himeji as we wanted to see a 400 year old castle. it was well worth it. we walked through the princesses' quarters and the maid's quarters. unfortunately they were doing restorations so we were unable to walk into the main castle but it was stunning none the less.

from himeji castle, we walked back through the town back to the station and picked up some souvenirs.
we arrived back at the station and got a ticket to get back to kobe.

we arrived at kobe and found our way to a restaurant. a steakhouse of all things. then we found our way to kobe ropeway which took us up the mountain to a view of kobe which was amazing although it started to get foggier and foggier from the smog. it also looked like a storm was rolling in but it never did. we made our way back to the station and then discovered we had an hour to wait for the train. we went souvenir hunting for Kate who's best friend's husband's name is Koby so she wanted something from Kobe. UNfortunately we didn't find any postcards but many signs with kate's photo.

tomorrow we are wandering around Kyoto again and then catching a train to Tokyo. its 552km away but will take about 2.5 hours. awesome.

jya ne

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  1. Cool! sounds fun! Can't wait to see pics! :D